Can i do this with fusion 360?

Hello let me start off by thanking any one who has the time to reply. I am new to x carve and the software that comes with it. i have dabbled in some sketch up and photo shop in the past. with that being said i recently had a friend approach me with a proposition. He has his FFL’s and is wanting to start engraving rifle stocks. how hard would it be to do this. From what ive read i would have to find some kind of “digital probe” to mount to my X carve. Then i could use this probe to “map/scan” the area of the stock that i was wanting to engrave. Am i on the right track with this idea? if so can anyone point me to a probe option? if this is the correct way to go about this, can fusion 360 accept this data? and then allow me to draw a design on it? Again thank you for your time.

You are awesome!!! I will dive in to these videos