Can I do v-bit and straight bit designs together in Easel?


Still making designs in Easel. Learning Fusion 360, just not there yet. So there’s that. Let’s speak no more of this.


  1. I’ve made a design to be cut with a 30 degree bit. Did some practice cuts and it’s to my liking.

  2. A majority of my work thus far has been using up-cut bits of this size and I’m good with that.


I’d like to also add elements to the design that would use a straight up-cut 2.6mm bits

When I use the “bit” and “detail bit” function to add the upcut bit, it states “Make V bit the Detail bit?” Sure, why not.

However, when I select the upcut bit size I want to use, and design element I create still looks like the v-bit patten in both the design and preview views.


  1. What basic element of education have I brazenly failed to commit to memory that would allow me to do both v-bit and upcut pattern elements in the same design, or

  2. Can’t do it in Easel, or

  3. I’ll just split the design into two elements (v-bit and non-v-but) and run it twice.

Thanks in advance for the corporate wisdom.

  • Dan

I have run into situations where using a straight bit for the “roughing pass” and v-bit for the “detail pass” doesn’t always do the operations with the right bits to achieve the look I want. (Most often, it tries to do the cutout operation with the v-bit, giving a ridiculous result.)

When that happens, I make a duplicate workpiece (bring up the “workpieces” frame at the bottom of the screen by clicking on that white bar that says workpieces, click on the little down-arrow in the top right corner of the first workpiece and select “duplicate”). Then I set the things I want to carve to the right depth, and the things I don’t want to carve to either 0 depth or I delete those elements. Each workpiece has its own bit, and its own design elements set to carve.