Can I edit the G code?

I am using Easel Pro on an imac and I have a 37 hour carve to complete. Currently, once I start the carve I can not stop in middle of it to take a break without starting the entire carve all over again. If I simply pause the spindle, the spindle will just continue to spin and will not stop. I can not unplug the spindle on an X-carve pro with damaging anything.

So, with that my question now is can I edit the g code somehow and break it up into smaller chunks? Like 12 separate files of g code. (about 3 hour chunks)

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

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gSender should be able to accomplish this. Read about two-thirds down the page where “Running Jobs” and “Start from Line” are.

mac will not let me open gsender. Says it can not verify and is not protected from malware.

That’s weird. I wouldn’t say I can guarantee it but I feel pretty good gSender isn’t malware. I use it on Windows however and haven’t gotten that message or warning. That’s unfortunate.

I just got this from their website.

Edit: Hopefully that will help install it.

And here’s the instructions for a Mac install.

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