Can I export the gcode file with .tap extension from Easel?

Kindly suggest. Thanks in advance.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

If the syntax of the Easel g-code file is acceptable to whatever is demanding a .tap file, then yes you can just rename the file. However, different extensions usually indicate a different file format, so your mileage may vary doing that. What program are you looking to import Easel g-code into that requires a .tap file?

Aside, only for the curious: I did a little googling about if there is a standard .tap format, and it looks like name tap refers to paper tape!

TAP is simply short for Tape. A tape was the paper or card with thousands of little holes in it used to transfer data to your CNC machine from your computer. [src]

Thanks for reply. I am transferring the g-code file into Artcam.

Can Artcam import G-code? Usually a CAM program exports G-code.