Can I home each axis individually?

Can I home each axis individually as opposed to setting all 3 axes and zeroing them all at once?

Any automated function in Easel or whatever software do this by talking “code” to the controller, GRBL commands.

Setting zero for a given axis, for instance X-axis, may look like this:
G38.2 x.5 F2 G92 x0

G38.2 means “I want to set zero…”
x.5 means “…for X-axis, move maximum .5inch at 2 ipm…”
G92 x0 mean “…and set this current position as X=0”
(Not taking into account tool offset, I kept is simplified)

In UGS you can make macros (a string of commands of your choice) allowing you to zero any axis with the click of a button.

Easel AFAIK do not support this.