Can I import a font from my computer

Hi, Is there a way I can import fonts that I have on my computer?


No, you cannot use fonts that are not included in the easel font library.
Not directly within easel at least…

You’d need to use a different program to write the text, then save it as a .svg and then import that .svg into easel.

Thank you, for your quick reply and your help.

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Yes you can,

  • I use “Word” program" in Windows 11
  • Pick your font
  • Make your Letter or text as large as possible on the spread sheet.
  • Use your "snip it tool " around your text or letter, When you save it, it will save the "snip it: file into a jpeg file.
  • Then use Easel"s " Image trace " to Import it .
    You can install almost any font into the “Word” program for free.

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