Can I install a small laser engrave on the x-carve

I have one of those small laser engravers, but I upgraded the laser to a stronger one.

Is there a way to install the small laser to the x-carve, and it works with the larger cutting area?

Yes and very easy to do

I have one of those small NEJE lasers.

Can you point me in the right direction on where or how to install it on the x-carve pro?

I have not bought the pro yet, but I will be buying it soon.

The NEJE lasers seem to be a complete, standalone unit. I dont think you can mount that on an X-Carve

What voltage does the laser require? Do you have a picture, or better, a link to details about the controller?
I’ll say sticking a cheap laser diode on an X-carve is definitely possible if you have some experience with electronics and microcontrollers.

I would gut my NeJe laser, and put is all on the x-carve.

1500mw laser (it’s sitting on its side in this picture) Maybe I just need a mounting bracket for the x-carve?

I know it’s a bit late, but I was looking for the same kind of information and after working with a cheap CNC with a laser module I was just looking for if possible and semi how.

OFC you should know about how power works and be safe with the laser but if you have any experience with this stuff should fall into place.

I just found this as an option for adding a laser to the X-Carve Pro

Did you purchase this option? Install it? If so, how’s it working?

I have not yet. When I do I will post more and add pictures