Can I set a permanent offset in Easel?

I got a laser attachment for my new X-carve. I’d like to use the laser (on low power obviously) to mark X and Y for work zero since it’s easier and more precise than eyeballing the bit. What I’d like to do is figure out the exact offset of the beam from the center of the spindle and then set up an offset macro of some kind so that when I hit the desired spot with the laser I can execute the macro and have the spindle close the offset precisely.

Is this possible in Easel? If not, can anyone recommend a user-friendly CAM program that will let me do it?

Thanks in advance!

So you want to use a laser pointer to find a consistent home

Close. I want to use a laser to choose the X & Y coordinates of work zero on any given piece of work, and have the spindle move automatically to that spot once it’s chosen.

I can do it with a specific jog command from UGS, equalling whatever the X and Y differences are between the laser and the center of the spindle but since that offset will never change I was hoping to be able to save it somehow in Easel.

I’m curious is you’ve managed to get the offset to stay consistent. Even on our 120k multicam the vibrations from the spindle wiggle it out of true after a bit. (Fwiw the laser on that one is installed offset so it aligns with the bit)…to be fair though it’s set to mark the starting point AND show square and its just the square part that gets wiggled out of place

While I haven’t noticed an issue with consistency, it’s entirely possible that it has shifted a tiny bit over time. Thankfully, the work that I do doesn’t require .001 accuracy so I wouldn’t even notice a tiny difference without taking some measurements.

Hi, I know this is an old topic but I never did see any answers to your question about the macro. Are you still using the laser pointer? If so, how is it working out for you? Have been thinking of doing the same because some of my projects start round and I have to use the center for the work zero and if that gets milled away during a bit change or have to stop for some reason am not able to relocate work zero. Anyway am interested in using a laser pointer. Thanks

With homing switches installed and a homing sequence is performed prior to setting your work zero, the work zero is persistent (untill set to new location).

Work zero is stored as an offset to machine zero, the homing align the machine and work space.


  • Power machine up
  • Do a homing cycle ($H)
  • Set your work zero
  • Carve

If the carve is interrupted or aborted, simple re-home machine ($H) and “use previous home position” aka work zero.

With homing parking spots G28 and G30 are also available as stored offsets.

I did use it successfully for quite a while, I was unable to find the macro setup I wanted with Easel. I moved on to bigger routers and different software, from Planet CNC to UCCNC to Buildbotics. I used the laser on each of the four routers I’ve had since I sold my X-Carve.

The laser went with my last router (CNC Router Parts 2436 Benchtop Pro) when I sold it and moved from CNC routing to laser cutting.

Yes I understand that part, but if for reason the carve has to stop or is stopped, homing the machine won’t help if you can’t find work zero. I know there must be a way to set work zero off of the work surface and get the machine to carve where you want it to, I use Easel as a post processor so not sure how to do that operation.

Work zero is stored as an offset value relative to machine zero (homing switches)
So yes, the machine will know where your last work zero was set and will be able to return to it :slight_smile:

That is the feature of homing, the machine and work space are in sync.

Ok that being said how do you get the machine to go to the work zero position after homing?
I figure it must be grbl command right? I’m still new to this stuff. Thanks

Assuming Easel:
By simply clicking Carve and confirm “Use previous home” which use your last work zero.
You do not need to move the bit to your work zero prior to clicking Carve :slight_smile:

Test it without bit and Z a little raised :slight_smile: