Can i use 10mm diameter shank bits on router?

hi there,
i have a x carve which has a router dewalt d26200, and i’m looking for a way (if there are any) to mount a bit with a diameter of the shank of 10mm (sorry for using mm instead of inch but i’m from Italy). Is it possible? I was looking for a precision collets for 10mm bit but i found only for 8mm so i called dewalt factory and they told me that this router model can mount only bits of 8mm shank maximum.
Any of you know of if there is a precision collets for 10mm shanks that can be used on this router?

Thanks in advance

It would be hard to jam 10mm into the space that only takes 8mm…:-).

Now DeWalt does make an 10 mm collet…

AABTools | DeWALT DE6276-XJ 10mm Collet

but I suspect that it won’t fit your router…as they would sell one for it if it did.


yes, i know, but i thought maybe there might be some kind of hacking for that, but i guess not :frowning:

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