Can i use nema 17 for a powered open/close drawer

What i would like to do if possible is to open and close a drawer via a press of a single button.
The reason im asking here is that after a upgrade to X Controller i have a spare Arduino and gshild with 4 nema 17s .
so is it possible to do ?
Not sure where to start so if anyone can point me in the right dirrection that would be great .

Its quite possible but for a drawer it may be excessive. The electronics are going to take up a lot of space. Remember you will need a power source for the stepper and most likely limit switches. If you hard code a distance for the stepper to move and for some reason it looses steps, as when this happens on the X Carve, the results to your drawer could be less than desirable. Essentially what you are looking to build is a linear actuator or something that functions along those lines.


I’m far from the most experienced with these types of electronics so if anyone else has any advice please chime in. It just seems to me that there are simpler and much more compact ways to do a project like this. You can see here how complex the systems to do this get in order to make them smaller.

Thanks for the info.
Looks like a linear actuator with Internal limit switches is the best way of doing my drawer .

Yes ideally I would like a single button to open and then close when pressed a second time. The above idea would have been a switch and have the added benefit that you would be unable to manually close by accident.
Just for info, making a coffee table / cocktail arcade cab
and the drawer was for the controls to hide them when in coffee table mode. Originally was just going to use old x-carve parts after upgrading (4x nema17 gshild ).

Instead of a button use a proximity sensor, wave your hand in front of the drawer and it opens…then an audio sensor…clap and it closes :slight_smile:

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LOL With my luck and knowledge of electronics, i,m already in danger of getting my chestnuts rosted .:slight_smile: