Can not find my designs projects in Easel

Been using X-carve and Easel for about 6 month (with three months away for summer fun).
I have an Easel account and about 30+ design projects in Easel.

My question is, how do I find my projects in Easel and to design up new projects? Seems silly question but where-oh-where is the secret button? Have always struggled to find the secret button and when I do get to my designs, am not sure how I got there.

Thank you.

In easel, select file, then open. All your projects will be there. Have you tried this or is there something else going on

I am on the inventables page.
I click on Easel and it opens the introductory page for Easel.
I am logged in.
There is no place named File.
When I click on My projects, it opens a page for me to download my projects for the public to view.
I click on my account which opens a place for me to change my password or whatever.
I know this is a simple step but can not find anything about opening my Easel files.
Sorry, there is no place called file. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Go to this page, and you should see your projects:

I noticed yesterday that when you are on the non easel Inventables page, the projects aren’t showing up when you go to your account.