Can not open the library project folders

Hi, I’m having trouble suddenly after 2 years of having the Xcarve machine…I’m trying to get into my project files saved to my easel account and it wont open anything at all. I run a business from a home workshop and have had no troubles at all till now but have many orders that need filled asap. Have not heard back from the easel help desk as of yet. Any help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you

I just looked at Easel and it seemed to work fine. Maybe something on your computor?

I’m still working with on it…trying to figure it out. Yeah, it seems it’s something blocking me out of easel from my computer side possibly.
Thanks for checking!

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Do you use an ad blocker on your browser? I’ve found that ABP can sometimes block more than just adverts.

Also , you might try using a different browser. Sometimes browsers update themselves automatically, and a compatibility issue can seemingly come out of nowhere.

Thank you, I’ll look into that. I seem to have trouble on each of my laptops that I’ve brought to the workshop to use. I still haven’t heard back from the help desk on this and am appreciative of all advice from other xcarve owners. Thanks!