Can someone help? Y axis shift

I ran my test carve in mdf last night for the x-carves first run. It worked perfectly. Today I’m trying to do a project from the projects section but the y axis is shifting away with each level that the bit goes down. Can someone tel me why?

Try adjusting your Y-Axis potentiometers. Give them more power.

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Could be pots, but looks like a big bit so it may also be belt tension is too low/high or shafts are slipping in your pulley(s). Check the pulley setscrews tight often and try taking shallower cuts to see if it continues.

Is it safe to assume you’re not using a regular 24V spindle? If so, those cuts would be VERY impressive…

The bit I was using was a 1/8" down cut bit mounted in a dw611. I found one v wheel too tight. I loosened that, and the second carve came out better. I could still hear the y axis motors straining though when moving forward and back. I’m going to readjust my wheels and belts tomorrow and then check it again. If its still a problem, I’ll check into turning up the pots. I don’t know how you know how much to adjust yet though. The belts aren’t slipping that I can tell. It wouldn’t surprise me if they did though. I found that the allen key that came with the tool kit for the x-carve didn’t quite fit the tiny set screws properly, so I did find them to strip and slip easily when I was tightening them. I will probably change some of the screws out eventually (if I can get them out).

The video @ErikJenkins referenced is one good source of information for adjusting the pots.

There’s also videos on belt tension and potentiometer adjustment at this forum: X-Carve Maintenance/Troubleshooting Videos - Add Your Own!


I had a similar problem with my xcarve. It would shift one of the toolpaths to the right about an 1/8". I bumped up the pots a bit, adjusted the belts, but the problem ended up being the x axis guide wheels had loosened. Tightening them up made the xcarve as accurate as ever.

Do you mean the V-wheels? Or the belt guides?

V wheels -I think my next purchase will be the eccentric spacers with separate nuts for all the various wheels