Can someone look at this file and help with Fusion and the Cam function

Hi Everyone,

Finally got this thing put together and working and milling. So happy about that. I’m using Fusion 360 with Universal GCodeSender to control it. However I’m having some issues with the Cam feature and not being able to get both my tool paths to work properly also my contour tool path clears out my tabs of my 2d contour path. Anyway I’ve attached the file if someone is interested in taking a look and trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks for your help,
StacyiPad Mini 4 - Sunshade v3 - Base Cam v2.f3d (262.9 KB)

@StacyCobb If you get the CAM figured out I added you so you can import gcode into Easel.

@PatrickRainsberry can you point Stacy to any resources to help out?

Zach, would you also add me to be able to import gcode into Easel? Also, is there a list of “special powers” like this one which can be granted but aren’t by default?

Stacy - can you be more specific about your tool paths - what do you feel is not working properly? Also, it looks like you have tabs on the outside contour; is that not what you are looking for?

Also, are you using the shapekoko post processor?


I am by no means an expert, but here’s what I did, which seemed to work:

I switched the order of the operations so that the outside contour was carved first, and then I turned on ‘Rest Machining’ in the other contour operation, so that it would stay away from areas that were already machined. This causes it to only cut the inside contours, and leave the outside contour and its tabs alone. See screenshot for results.

I know there’s also a way to choose areas an operation should stay away from, which would allow you to do the same thing without changing the order, but I’ve never tried that before.

Either way, good luck!

Edit: Screenshot of the Rest Machining settings for Countour4:

Edit: The file with the changes:

OrderChanged.f3d (247.0 KB)