Can someone offer some Advice

I dising my new born name in inkscape
i created two part in easel

This is the outline of the name
I went to fill and it set it to 1/2
that part went great

Now how do i cut it so i can insert the name that i will be cutting

the name

Sorry Im super new to all this

This is what im after

Your projects are not shared publicly. Please use the File menu -> Share feature of Easel.

Regarding your project, do you want Oliver to be inlaid?
Example: A pocket cut in “white wood”, and filled in with “red” wood?
Like these coasters?

Sorry here are my two links


Yes but i don’t want the wood around it just the letter if that makes sense

Please Share the projects

That what i did and it gave me those two new links
I can try again

Ok it says share now, if forgot to hit save lol

Let me know if you can see it now

Thank you

The projects are visible.
However your project goals are not.
It is not clear to me what your finishing project should look like?
Maybe draw a sketch (hand drawn or other)? Or post an existing example?

Something like this

Maybe im going at it the wrong way, so i thought i need to make it into two parts the black part my first easel file
fill it about 1/2 and then cut the name on a 1/2 piece wood, insert it into the fist piece with glue and that it.

Sound simple BUT i can do it lol :sob:

Like most project there are a few different ways to do this. Without knowing exactly what look you’re going for I can’t be to certain, but…

One way would be to use the “inlay” app.

Another would be to do something like this:

Once you cut that, you would then just paint the different heights different colors.

How can i cut the the black square so all i have is the letter ?

Just set the depth to the thickness of the wood or make the “white” piece an outside online cut of the total thickness of the wood (would be much much quicker).

Look here:

Ohhhh i see you outline the shape and left it the same high and fill the name, so this will be made off one piece of wood.
This way is a lot simpler that what i was trying to do which was a two piece job.

Thank you i will try this wen i get home and post back

Do i still need to cut the name separate on a 1/4 piece of wood and then i should be able to insert it into here ?

That’s up to you, but to make it as an inlay would likely require a different project. The project in my link would allow you to only use a single piece of wood and them paint it how you’d link.

so in theory something like this would work

Those are nice, hopefully one day i will get there lol

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so i try to be fancy and selected the 2 bits option in easel, The first one was the 1/4 and that took about 40 min Then the second 1/8 and i lost my HOME trying to change the bit lol. I will retry tomorrow with only using
1/8" bit 2 flute
0.045" per pass
40% step over.
It will take about 1 hr adn 30 min
if anyone has better setting please let me know lol

Its a piece of pine 4x4 from the home depot, so i can do it by hand ? i always use the wrench that came with it. its the Dewalt 611