Can’t cut all the way through

I’m using the free version of easel with the 2021 version of the x carve. No matter what material thickness I type in, there is still a paper thin layer of wood on the back (bottom) of through cuts. I have used both the z probe and the manual probing method. I’ve used the actual material thickness, and I’ve told the machine the material is .3” thick when it’s only .20” thick and I get identical results. Same when using thicker material. I’ve tried plywood, pine, and cedar. So far, I’ve only used a 1/8” straight 2 flute bit. Would a different type of bit help? I used a cnc router for a former employer for 8 years. We could simply add depth on that machine to get it to cut deeper when needed.

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with the same cutter installed, dose it reach the waste board ?

Yes, it does. I’ve even added a secondary 1/4” thick piece of MDF over the wasteboard. I’ve tried to cheat and tell the machine the material is thicker than it actually is and it still cuts to the exact same depth.

use the add depth drop down


Check this first, it usually solves this issue

I can’t add depth in the free version of easel. I don’t want to have to pay $233.00 a year for the pro version just to cut all the way through the objects. I was hoping there was a way to make it work properly without paying for a subscription. If I want additional software. I’d rather buy something like vectric and own it. I’ve had the easel free version for a few years and seen huge price jumps in the pro version during that time.

ok, try adding a thousand to your overall thickness of your material.
maybe check out fusion 360 for hobbyist

Thanks. I’ve already tried doubling the thickness of my material even and it still leaves the same amount. I almost felt like it was a truck to get people to pay for the pro subscription!

Thanks! I’ll try when I’m back at my machine. It’s frustrating. I bought the machine in 2018 and then started working over 80 hours a week until a couple months ago. So I never had time to assemble it and now I finally got it together with the upgrade kit. Everything seems great except this! It’s frustrating!

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Thanks for all the help everyone! Seth cnc, that did the trick. I lowered the z axis about an inch or so. I had seen that tip in the instructions when I assembled it but I wasn’t planning to cut thin materials or use short bits, and I was adding a secondary wasteboard. They should change the wording on that!

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Totally Agree. The note is unclear especially to a brand new owner. I think if they showed a few position options and maybe explained an example of where each applied, that would at least make more people think about it a bit.

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