Can the X Carve be set up to cut Vinyl such as sticker material

Good Morning Guy,

So I need to first say I am the newest of Noob’s I don’t even have my X carve yet. I just placed the order last night. I foresee it being a great product that I will be about to do just about everything I want with. My question is this, and I hope someone will tell me yes. Can the x care be set up to cut decals and stencils with a swivel knife? I’ve seen videos where people install a pen or sharpie and draw with it so I’m guessing it can be done.

Thank you in advance

I will be able*

x Carve*

Sorry lol I dont type that well either…

Hi @ClydeLeeRobertsonIii we love new people! A big inspiration for building Easel was making this whole process easier for people to get into. Also we want to make sure our forum is a place for people with a beginners mindset even once they have a lot of experience.

There are a few other threads where people have been talking about this topic. Check out the one on a drag knife and the one on carving chip board.

Also in the Inventables workshop we have one of these that works well.