Can the X-Carve Make this Radius Dish? If so, how?

Is it possible to make this with the X-Carve? What software would you use? The more specific you can be the better because my knowledge of 3D design programs is marginal at best. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I use Vcarve.

I was looking into this when I was researching how to make a ukulele. It can be done, I did a quick trial in Fusion 360 (using a large bull nose bit) and seemed like it would work. It will just take a long time!

Wow. Beautiful work! Iā€™m on a Mac, so it looks like no Vcarve for me. Fusion 360 appears promising though.

Sweet! Iā€™m going to be building acoustic instruments myself [mostly guitars]. Great to hear from someone with knowledge of the software part of it. Thanks for the input!

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Thanks for the reply! Really simplifies things to think about it that way. Just downloaded Fusion 360 and Iā€™m going to see if I can wrap my head around this as a simple first project. Iā€™m well versed in Adobe Illustrator but have virtually zero knowledge in 3Dā€¦