Can the X, Y, Z axis arrow buttons be available on Easel's artboard screen?

Would be nice to have the abiilty to move the spindle across all axis any time during the import/setup phase of a project. It would save on a majority of the manual movement of the spindle along all axis and reduce the turning of the z axis by hand which can be cumbersome.


+1 for this feature!!

there seems to be no way of moving the spindle (esp on Z axis) without going into the ‘Carve’ setup phase.

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You can bring up the Carve dialog at any time, do your jogging and close it again.

Respectfully, my point of the request is the UX of the program. Saving a click during your work process over dozens or hundreds of projects with a patch of code to the software would be helpful for thousands of users and exponential projects.

Mr Canning, you certainly are the comic of the forums aren’t you?
As with any post, timely or not, it keeps matters at the forefront.