Can the xcarve make corrections

Has anyone ever had to stop 7/8 of the way of a project because of a mistake? Wanna know if there’s an easy way to “pause” the job, make a correction, and then continue the project. If its possible. (I messed up a date)

I’m subscribing to this thread. But I don’t think so. We’ll see

You can not pause you would have to tart over. When doing so either cover the carved areas with a box set to zero depth so Easel ignores it. OR rerun the whole project. I have rerun before to do a cleanup pass same principal. You can jack your speed up while it is rerunning the original carve areas until you got to the stopping point from the original run then slow it back down.

That’s one of my most used features in Pathpilot on the Tormach, the g-code preview window since the gcode scrolls along as it is being executed. You can see what line you are on. If you right click on a line you can designate it the start point. You even have options on how you want the restart to be primed (repeat vertical plunge, etc). So if the easel team is listening, it’s an incredibly useful feature. If your cam program lets you name different tool paths into the gcode it is much easier to find practical points.