Can this be missed steps?

I’ve only run 2 carves.
My X-Carve cuts too deep. Generally shallow cuts are off by less than deep cuts. I have ruled out incorrect steps per mm because the depth isn’t proportional. When I did RobertA_Rieke calibration procedure all cuts were too deep but the amount the Z was off for each cut seemed to be inconsistent. I have checked all my belts and v-wheels for slack.
Should I start thinking about calibrating pots or is there some other mechanical route I need to check first?


Did you follow the instructions to set the pots when assembling the Xcontroller? They changed the process to involve setting them.

Also, have you checked to ensure that your Y rails are level with each other? This would cause uneven Z depth from left to right. Theoretically your X rail should show this too but it may not.

Check your ACME rod pulley set screws and make sure they are tight.

How’s your Z belt loop tension?

Are you using the probe? Check the height of your probe disc… the default was off on mine…

The set screws seem tight, but how much “backlash” should there be in the Z gantry? I ask because when I try to lift the spindle there was about .020" of play. I have adjusted and think It is just about gone. Don’t know if that will solve it because I was seeing about .030" of inaccuracy. What do you guys think?

I ran a test piece with a couple of depths and got much closer but am still getting cuts too deep(about .009"). Guess I’ll run the calibration carve to get a better idea of my accuracy.