Can this be used with arduino?

Any one have any ideas on this and if so how could it be implemented

I have a similar one (home made) for my mill (not CNC). It just puts out a single, signal high when triggered in any axis (XYZ) so it should be usable with GRBL. I don’t use mine on my X-Carve as it’s too tall to fit between the spindle and the wasteboard

Use as touch probe for mapping objects.

Like a 3D digitizer?

Yeah there was the word that has eluded me.

That one is working with serial port pins looks like. You can read on Manual.

thanks I had overlooked that in my late night adventures while trying to elude the sand man.

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you could use it but it would require you to change things a bit.
If you are interested I could supply you with the changes needed.

The manual mentions a parallel port. The circuit diagram shows it to be a normally closed switch so connections should be straight forward.