Can this plane a slab of wood?

I’ve been on the fence on buying this for 6 months. I have tons of questions. The ceo actually emailed me to do a zoom on it but I guess he got busy and never followed through.

First question/…. Is this motor strong enough to plane one side of a slab. I make slab tables and epoxy pour tables. This would be one use for the pro if it’s capable of this.

Thanks in advance.

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Any CNC will at some extent be able, question is how quickly.
But yes, the Xcarve will be capable of running 1-1/2" surfacing bits for planing operations.
(as long as the bit in question can take the Dewalt minimum RPM of 16k)

Xcarve Pro VDF spindle will have greater potential with larger bits/lower RPM.


I think the OP is asking about the Pro model.

Thanks guys. That’s a big bonus for me.

i got my Pro about a week or so ago.
i used it with the 1.185 Dia bit to plane off about 30 x 30 piece of oak 1.9" down to 1.5" did a pretty good job, Very light cutting marks and relatively 0 run out. I would not recommend this on the original Xcarve but the pro handled with no issues.


I used mine with a 1 1/2" surfacing bit to plane a 16x17" cutting board that I had glued up a day earlier. It’s a combination of Black Walnut, Maple, Padauk, and Purple Heart. I was very impressed with the results.


Yes, it works great. I’ve used mine with the included surfacing bit to plane some birch rounds that were too big for my planer.


That Purple Heart was a nice touch. Thanks for the reply!

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Thanks! It’s coming along nicely. I need to make some feet for it. It’s 16"x17"x2" and weighs a nice 12lbs. I am going to use the X-Carve to make some feet for it out of some scrap purple heart. I can’t wait until I get to apply the oil to this one.

I ended up making the feet from padauk. I made some with my scrap purple heart first, and they seemed too small.


This is a cutting board that I made using a old working bench riser. I used the bit that came with my X-Carve Pro. The riser was hard Maple

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What were the cut settings you used to plane down your maple?
I am trying to do the same, but the stock settings I am suspecting are incredibly conservative. Or should I just slowly step up and see what the XCP can really do?

Here is my project file.