Can we get an eraser tool please

Having to make a shape and raise the cut depth to 0 and then combining the shapes seems a little farfetched for trying to erase a part of the file. Seems like an eraser tool wouldn’t be that hard to implement.

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You mean like the eraser tool in illustrator that allows you to hand draw a line through a shape that splits it into 2 shapes?

It always seems a little too imprecise for me, I hardly ever use it.

Just something that you can literally just click and drag around that erases wherever you drag the cursor. Something simple.

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I’m with you on that one Jonathon!

Easel is not a bitmap image editor, erasing is not an option.

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Indeed, since it is vector based it need to think “objects” and objects can’t be partial. You either edit them, delete them or hide them (with a different object)

I’d love to have a erase at hand.

See my earlier reply.

The quick and dirty if you dont need exact measurements is to draw it in another program and import the image.

If there is a pen tool, why can there not be an eraser??

Ya’ll obviously don’t understand the difference between a bitmap editor and a vector editor.