Can X Controller Be Positioned On Right Side?

After lurking on the forum for a couple of months I decided to take advantage of the Black Monday Sale and ordered the new version 1000mm. While waiting on delivery I am doing some rearranging and rewiring in my shop to accommodate the install. My preferred layout places the computer and monitor to the right of the X-Carve. I would seem to make sense to also have the X-Controller (mainly the E-Stop) close at hand on the right but all the photos show it on the left. Are the wiring harnesses configured for a left side mount only or can they be changed to allow a right side location?

I have 50+ years of woodworking experience and am comfortable both inside and outside computers BUT combining the two will be a totally new. Looking forward to the challenge.

BTW - This forum was a major factor in my decision to go with the X-Carve rather than other competitors. Looking forward to becoming part of the community.

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Hey Ray…

Not sure if just simply “reversing” the assembly instructions would work or not… likely best to call or email customer success folks at Inventables to be sure… They might have a good solution for you.

Another option is to request a bit more wiring and run the wiring from left to right around the back of the machine…

Either way, i am sure there is a solution… I am sure others on the forum have encountered this as well…

Welcome to the club!


I Just got mine ready, and.I. think it is possible but it taken a bit of planning while in assembly.
The y1 en y2 motor cables will have to be used different, y1 motor will have the y2 cable etc because of the length. the rest is Just paying attention Where the dragchains go. I not sure if this is getting a problem at the x carriage because of the placement of the dragchain connector.
But a bunch of extra lenght in wiring like ron said could solve it all

Appreciate the suggestions and I decided to ask customer service. They said there were no mounting holes to allow the drag chain to be moved to the other side so simply reversing things wouldn’t work but offered a couple of suggestions.

  1. One was to lengthen all the wires and allow then to go under, over or what ever would work for me to get then to the right side. Workable but somewhat a pain.

  2. Since my main goal was to have the E-Stop button on the right near the computer keyboard it was suggested I could just remove it from the X-controller and fabricate a enclosure for it and run the wiring just for it to the other side. That sounds better BUT -

  3. Just add an ADDITIONAL switch on the right and pass the power through it before the X-Controller and the router. Now that’s a winner. I ordered a $10 Emergency Stop Switch from Amazon and will just drop it in the line. I will simply have a switch on both sides and can use whichever is closest at the time.

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner… good to hear that you found a solution…