Can you carve this

Im isntersted in a unit for 2 main types of job
one is cutting parts from 2-3mm Kydex plastic sheet which should be easy

the other is cutting and shaping handles for Knives out of G10 Fiberglass Material

currently Profiled by hand and hand Stippled a ball cutter on a wideish path should be able to give a stipple grip effect

most units ive looked at arnt powerful enough to carve the G10 as a small routr based machine and CNC mill machines arnt big enough on the table to be usfull for the Kydex cutting

the x-carve could in theory make those components but you need to use 3rd party software, extremely good dust collection, jigs, and good tools at a minimum

if you are looking to run these in production the x-carve imo is not the machine for you but it will make these components if you really want it to

thanks Its not a great deal of production numbers

but repeat ability of exact shape would be great as sheaths are molded to the handles which are never exactly the same by hand meaning i cant swap sheaths or easily replace broken handles (or more likely change of colour) in future as the Sheath would need reforming to etc

would expect Carbide cutters if not PCD s for a sensible tool life

I am confused are you saying that you want the cnc so that your profiles are repeatable as they currently are not?

and I do not have any experience with G10 material but yes carbide for sure and high quailty at that

If you would like pm me and I will give you the number to my Onsrud rep and you can give him a call and ask questions about G10 tooling

What Phil said.

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yes i currently shape by hand and even using jigs and references no 2 are ever exactly the same shape so one knife will not fit in the others sheath

Im familiar with working with fiber glass I currently use a 2x72" high speed linisher with 36gt belts and a Dremel with a carbide ball cutter to texture the router will be a lot easier to Extract safely
I run draft sight as 2D CAD and use Solidworks for 3D modeling

I dont like Micarta as for me its a PITA to finish and if you leave the surface unsealed it absorbs moisture oils blood etc