Can you cut Pelican case foam (Polyethylene or Polyurethane) on the X-Carve?

I’ve seen the X-Carve/Shapeoko cut EPP and other high density foams… But is it possible to cut out softer foams (Polyethylene or Polyurethane)?

This is what i’ve been asked if my X-Carve can cut…

My first response is to use a hot wire cutter… But it would be cool to get a precise fit by using the x-carve.

I’m not sure the bit would be able to cut such soft foam.

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I never got a good result using the spindle, material is just way too soft. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just never found a combination of speed/bit that got even close to a clean cut.

Was one of the main reasons I got the J-Tech laser for my X-Carve which is brilliant on foams. See here:



Laser is the way to go for foam, hands-down.

What about mounting a hot knife tool in the XC? Like with a pen mount.
Someone did so with a wood burning tool to good effect.

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