Can you update instruction videos with subtitles?

I’m excited about getting my xcarve! I’ve been getting myself familiar with the assembly instructions.

I’m deaf - and I have been reading the instructions and took to watching the assembly videos with the auto-generated captions that YouTube provides, however they are not perfect - so I can’t really rely on them.

I think it would be really invaluable for users who can’t hear (or are hard of hearing) for you to go and update all the videos with subtitles. YouTube includes several tools that should make the process not hard. Take a look here …


Hi Tim, thank you for suggesting this. We’re going to investigate and see if we can make it work!

Thank you!

I should also add that there are more benefits to subtitles. Even for those who can hear, they may want to have subtitles on for even more clarity when watching the assembly videos,

Also my friend who works at YouTube tells me that subtitles are indexed for search and advertising purposes so having the subtitles means increased accuracy in Google/YouTube search results as well!

I have hard-coded subtitles to most of the X-Carve assembly videos that I found on youtube:
24V Spindle v2
Acme Rod
Belting v3
Drag Chain
M8 Threaded Rod
Work Area
X-Carriage NEMA17
X-Carriage NEMA23
X-Carriage v3
Y-Plate NEMA17
Y-Plates v3
Z-Axs NEMA17 v2
Z-Axis v3
I used the highest quality MP4 that they offered. I didn’t do the Bosch Colt one (it had no sound) or the Dewalt DW660 (it goes black and silent at about the 3:30 mark)

However, I don’t have the high-speed internet that you city slickers do. So I can’t upload them. I can burn them to a couple of CDs and mail them to Chicago on Monday and then when they get them the Inventables team can find a way to post them to the internet or send you a copy of the discs.

@JoeMeyer, do you have the subtitles with time codes in a text file? If so, you could probably post them on here and save a few bucks.

With YouTube videos, one can toggle the subtitles on and off, and the raw text file would aid the guys and gals at Inventables greatly.

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X-Carve Assembly 24V Spindle (2.9 KB)

X-Carve Assembly Acme (1.4 KB)

X-Carve Assembly (6.3 KB)

X-Carve Assembly Drag (2.3 KB)

X-Carve Assembly (6.6 KB)

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Those are .srt (SubRip Text). You can open them in a text editor. If they work, I’ll upload the others.

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JoeMeyer - thank you so much!

I checked, YouTube supports uploading of .srt files (

So they should work…

The rest of them.

X-Carve Assembly (4.0 KB)

X-Carve Assembly M8 Threaded (1.9 KB)

X-Carve Assembly (4.8 KB)

X-Carve Assembly Work (2.2 KB)

X-Carve Assembly X-Carriage (2.7 KB)

X-Carve Assembly X-carriage (1.3 KB)

X-Carve Assembly X-Carriage (2.9 KB)

X-Carve Assembly (3.2 KB)

X-Carve Assembly Y-plate (1.3 KB)

X-Carve Assembly (2.7 KB)

X-Carve Assembly Z-axis (1.2 KB)

X-Carve Assembly Z-axis (3.5 KB)