Can you use a x-carve with out easel?

i would like to know if there is a way around it or not? simple and fast… i did not see anyone talking about it.

if so what are you using? and how well dose it work?

if you can post screen shots of or pics of you using the software that would be helpful.

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Hey Andrew…

You don’t say why you don’t want to use Easel… but to answer your question… you do not need to use Easel (FREE) with the Xcarve …assuredly, this has been discussed a ton of times on the forum…

Building the X-Carve is only a part of the process… I found that the real learning comes from reading up on the subject (like on this very forum) and getting comfortable with it all… Have fun!

(oh, and where do you work? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


yes you can run the machine without Easel.
I do not have internet in my shop an mine is running as I type this.
I’m using Vectric desktop along with universal g code sender.

I use Fusion360 and CamBam to generate g-code. The X-Carve is controlled by Linuxcnc. I only fire up a windows system via VMware whne I used Fustion 360 so Easel is not an option for me other than to test it out once or twice.

Easel isn’t even particularly built in, it’s just one of a zillion different options.

I use Fusion360 to design things, and + to actually send gcode to the XCarve.

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I’ve used lots of cam programs and know what i do and don’t like, and i know what like a interface to work like. “EASEL” is not something i would say i like.

delcam sucks too and i don’t want to use that ether if that helps lol

and work is not to be talked about. lol

As you can see by the responses… lots of choices to be had.

Whatever you end up using… hope you find the one that you like.

Won’t ask you about work again… (today…) :slight_smile:

I know this is an old post but as I catch up here, I have a question about your response. Do you send the gcode to “print” inside of Vectric or do you open the gcode file in universal G-code and go from there. Thanks for helping a Nubie.

Using Vectric software you generate a toolpath (G-code) which you save to disk in a file.

You open that disk file in your favorite G-code sender and that program will send the G-code to the X-carve via a COM port.


Alright, thank you for the clarification.

what about for X-Carve Pro? Any experience with that machine? no matter how hard i search there are almost zero discussion or youtube videos about. all any one talks about is the X-Carve form before the Pro. IF easel is all i can use for the Pro, i am going to be saving for a real machine and selling this as soon as i can.

Same firmware base. You are not tied to Easel.

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What about the X-Carve Pro. I see no one talking about that one yet. I can’t find anything online with info or people discussing how to bypass easel on the X-carve Pro. Easel Pro is cool and all as a beginner starting out here with my own machine but its gonna get old real fast. Not looking forward to having to Easel all the time. Esp if our internet goes down due to heat or other weather and i am needing to cut. the biggest elephant here of the program. Is Easel Strictly Web Based?

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If you’re ready to set it up a notch, you sure can. fusion360 (free for hobbyist) ,Vectric software you can. download the trial and a few projects. plus,
you have other option.

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There’s a FB group dedicated to Xcare Pro owners and I’ve managed to convert a few over to OpenBuilds Control as the gcode sender and then using Either Carveco, Vectric, or Fusion360 for the CAD/CAM part of the process can produce a gcode file that can be sent to the Xcarve Pro with any Grbl style Gcode sender really, So Easel being used just for the sender part OR OpenBuilds or UGS is another common choice for the sender. . .

HOWEVER the latest version of firmware that is available on Easel to update the Xcarve Pro changes the communication protocol from 115,200 baud rate to a much slower one that is not compatible with OpenBuilds Control (and possibly UGS as well) . For this reason you’d either be forced to use Easel as the sender OR install the prior firmware that runs at the 115,200 baud rate. I know of a handful of people in that FB group who’ve updated firmware and had to call up Inventables to have them provide the older version in order to use a different sender software.

So in conclusion:
No you don’t need Easel Pro to design and make toolpaths.
AND No you don’t need Easel Pro or Easel Free to control the machine either, so long as you’ve got the proper baud rate settings.

(Link to 90 days free Carveco in this video description)