Can you use X-Carve offline?

I’m sure this has been answered to death but I cannot find any topics about it. My question is simply: Can I run the X-Carve without currently being connected to the internet? Is there a way to see the Easel file and run the X-Carve from an offline (as in, not being connected to the internet) laptop or do I HAVE to be online to do so?

Thank you.

With Easel if you can load up your project online, you can then take your laptop into where your X-Carve is and run the project.

You could also use other CAM software and then use a Gcode sender, which can then be used totally offline.

What is your set up like? I know some people have used wifi extenders and internet over power to get internet it their shops.

Hope that helps!

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You answered my question. I’ll have to look into some Gcode sender software. Hopefully I can find some that works with Inkscape. Until then, I’ll be able to get by with your advice. I appreciate your help. Thank you!

No problem. If you are using Inkscape, you will need 2 pieces of software, one to generate tool paths (gcode) and then a sender, Universal GCode Sender is a popular one.

I just discovered that Inkscape has a “gcodetools” menu. I’ll research some more and see how far that tool will get me into the process.

Inkscape 0.91 has extensions for exporting GCode. Haven’t tested it myself. :

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Thanks. Yeah, I just discovered that feature (thanks to a YouTube video). I’ll have to research more to figure how to use it and just how far it’ll take me into the required process. I imagine I’ll still need something like Universal Gcode Sender to interface with the X-Carve.

Yup. UGS will help you feed the XCarve with the job you want to run.

Cool, I didn’t know that existed! Let us know how it goes!

I do 99% of my work with it offline, using Fusion 360 or V-Carve. Can’t say totally offline since I use CP, but I’ve used UGCS with great success too, which takes it completely offline.