Candle 1.1.7 won't jog

I’ve been using Candle for some time now and I’m sure I’ve used 1.1.7 before but now when I come to use it, it will HOME but won’t jog my X-Carve running from an X-Controller.
It’s been a while since I used my X-Carve and I have a feeling I may have rebuilt the PC in the meantime but not sure.
Candle 1.0.10 works OK (ish) so I know the X-Carve is working.
I read somewhere on the Internet that the X-Controller GRBL software on the X-Controller should be updated to use Candle 1.1.7 but not sure if that’s valid or even how to do it.
When I enter Gcode commands manually the X-Carve responds. It appears that it’s just Candle that doesn’t send anything.

According to the github page:

EDIT: another explanation:

This my cnc and use candle 1.1.7 this is good.

Tried entering “$J=G21G91X0.7F50000” but it spits it out with “$J=G21G91X0.7F50000 < error: Bad number format”

What version of GRBL are you running?

I thought jogging was a new v1.1f feature and earlier versions (including the old Xcontroller “standard” 1.0c) didn’t support jogging.

You’re correct, the X-Controller needs to be at v1.1f.
I’ve upgraded it and all is now good. Thanks