Cannot complete homing sequence

Hello there. Setting up a new 1000mm x-carve for the first time. In machine set-up, machine jogs properly in all axes. Using a Dewalt 611 spindle. When trying to do the homing sequence, the only thing that happens is that the z-axis goes down in the amount of one jog. nothing else. all switches are reading properly, etc. Any thoughts?

Assume you checked the most obvious. The switches should be wired normally open when not depressed. In other words the wires are NOT shorted together until the limit switch is depressed.

Oh my, I totally overlooked that. The lettering was so small on the switches, I had them wired up as normally closed. Works like it is supposed to now. Thanks a bunch!!

I realize you have probably already re-soldered the switches, but there is a setting in GRBL which allows you to just change from normally open to normally closed without re-soldering the switches.

I know I am a bit late on this.

But if he is just starting out he will probably be using Easel for little while. Not sure you can change it in Easel.