Cannot figure this out! Driving me crackers!

Chaps, carving something and I get this intermittent fault. On some parts of the carve you can see what I get from the images, other parts are perfectly carved, no problems. I have made this project many times, no issues

I have enclosed various flavours of the problem, they fall into two categories.

  1. Seems to be ramping unto the tab cut, yes I checked, no ramping selected.
  2. The tool goes off path. Interestingly, I checked to see if this was a random event, it happens at the same point on 3 test carves.

I searched the support, looked at all of these below.

Lastly, the only thing different is that my machine was inactive for some time. when I spooled it up I had to go through the process of reconnecting the machine to the Easel driver. Lastly, I cleaned EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING! it’s like a shiny new machine now.

So, what could I be missing?

Copy of the project

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Maybe your feeds/speeds are too high?

Are the potentiometers that set current limiting adjusted correctly?

I would check the setscrews on the pulleys as well if you machine has them.


Brandon Parker

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Thanks, i’ll check those out.

The real question. Did it work jus fine before the long break of no activity? If so, it is most likely a mechanical issue, belts,wheels, wires. Etc. when you were cleaning could something come loose. In looking at the pictures you may be too aggressive. That looks like oak. Slow the feed rate to 40 or maybe 50 ipm. Plunge rate at about 12 to 15 ipm and if you have easel pro try the ramp feature. Depth of cut down to about .05. Go slow and see the results


Yes, all was working fine before my pause. I checked my shop notes from 20 weeks ago when I put my machine to sleep. As I cleaned I was very diligent on making sure nothing came loose, I actually spent 4 hours rebuilding the machine at the weekend, swapped out a few things that were worn or I thought may fail. I’ll take you advice and slooooow things down, I often bump up the feed rates from the super conservative inventables defaults. Thank you…

I start out with the default settings and then increase feed rates. Observe how the machine is responding. Sometimes I must slow things down.

Eureka! I figured out the deflection… It was being caused by my dust boot! as the Z lowered, the brushes of the dust boot were put into compression perpendicular to the work piece, enough to deflect the carriage!!

I have a dead on, spotless machine now!!

What type of dust boot do you have, and why does it travel with the Z?
On my machine, I adjust the dust boot to just touch the top of the work and the router travels through it.
Never a problem.

Jan, I have one of these…over the last 4 years I have tinkered with many dust boots. I had the same one as you had but a catastrophe in the studio and It was ruined. I like what I have now, 100MM dust collection with a powerful cyclone separator.

Yeah, You somehow have to separate it from the Z axis.
Then your problem will go away.

that will do it .