Cannot get through homing

Hi everyone, completely new to this forum but would appreciate any help. I am at the stage of trying to do the homing test for easel set up and the z limit switch does not seem to be telling spindle to stop so I manually hit stop so I don’t do damage. I looked at past feed back on this issue and tried a few things such as checking my wiring is correct, adjusted that screw height by the z limit switch near spindle and still the spindle wants to try keep on going up too far. Any other ideas to try rectify this , thanks

Machine–>Advanced–>Machine Inspector

When you press the Z switch, does it show as pressed?

Hi, I went into that advanced settings and got to the screen where it showed all the axis with circles and nothing goes green when I manually touch it and I also tried manually hitting the z limit switch when I did the homing test but that didn’t stop the spindle either so I then hit stop on computer

Sorry I don’t think I responded back , I may have tried responding with a new post, oops , no , nothing shows or lights up green on that advanced page

Sounds like the switch isn’t wired correctly. Do your others show as pressed when you press them?

No none of them show up, I will look at switches again and hopefully that’s the issue, thanks for the replies!

I’m going to call it a day and look with fresh eyes tomorrow, I will let you know if that was the issue, take care!

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Get a close-up pic of the wiring at the switch and share here.

Hi, I am also new to this forum and I am not sure where to ask this question but i sort of has to do with this topic. I am currently putting together my x-carve and I was assembling the drag chain on the x axis. While doing this I noticed that when I move the x carriage to the right side (if you’re standing in front of the machine) the carriage goes all the way to the end and hits the v wheel bolt. There is no limit switch for this side. So my question is, should there be a limit switch for the right side or a physical stop, because I don’t see in the instructions anywhere that there should be one. Sorry for the long question and thanks in advanced.

No there is not one on the right side. The switches are only for homing cycle. They will not stop the machine from hitting the sides if it goes all the way over anywhere even the sides with the homing switch. You can run it over and hit the sides at any time.

Thanks for the info. So I am assuming that you have to just be mindful of your carve and the position of your material as not to run the carriage to its limits and hit the ends?

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You are correct.

Thanks for helping me out!!

No problem happy carving. :sunglasses:

Hi, you were right, it was the wiring not pushed in tight enough, thanks i got through the computer set up, appreciate your help!

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I’m truly new, and have finished setting up my X-Carve 1000m… And I too, cannot get past the spindle homing switch… it wants to continue going up…and grinding and I stop asap. Help!!

Then the Z-switch is either untriggered (do the Z-assembly actually hit the switch?) or the Z-switch is incorrectly wired/not functioning.
The grinding noise is the stepper stalling, because its meeting physical contact and is prevented from moving further.

Open up Easel Machine Inspector (CTRL+SHIFT+D) and see the grey “LED-icons” for each axis displayed. Press by hand each switch for X/Y/Z and see if the LED-icons turn green. If they do the wiring is good, if not address that first.

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In the advance setup, I get a “green” dot or circle when I press the homing switch, as do the other homing switches. The wiring is secured. I’ve even adjusted the stop screw, next to the homing switch, so that the switch can be fully engaged (pressed up), and the spindle still acts like it wants to continue to going up.

I’ve tried moving the black wire to the remaining post on the switch… same thing happens. Very, very frustrating to say the least!

When you hit the home button does the Z axis start to raise first?
The Z axis will home first then the X and Y will start after the Z is complete.
You may have your X and Z motors crossed
If the Z axis raises first then you may have the homing switched wired wrong.
Make sure when you touch the Z axis homing switch the Z axis lights up

Thank you for replying Ralph…

When I hit the Home button (=) (<-- if that’s it?), then yes, the spindle rises up to the homing switch, and will stop.

However, when I go to the software menu, under Machine>Set up your machine>Test your wiring (which all three axis jog), then on to > Continue>Manual (for the spindle choice)>Save spindle preference Then onto Homing switch set up. It has 2 choices, 1.] Yes, enable homing or, 2.] No, disable homing. I chose Yes, enable homing. It takes me to the next screen, Test the limit switches … which I click on thr Start homing sequence. This is when the spindle goes up, and gets to the top, pushing the homing switch in, and wants to keep going up, and grinds…?

Thanks Donnie