Cannot home machine/z limit buzzes

So, I finally got the wiring half way fixed to where the x and z axis work properly. The y axis works as well but moves y- only for both buttons. I was trying to home the machine to have the grbl updated the y axis but it started buzzing once it hit the z limit switch. I’ve read similar posts and have not been able to resolve this issue. Now I have upgraded to a linear slide spindle so not sure if that has anything to do with it. Thanks in advance for any advice or support!

  • Turn machine ON
  • Open Easel
  • Press CTRL+SHIFT+D (Machine Inspector window open up)
    This window will show a “lightbulb icon” for X/Y/Z
  • Press each homing switch manually by hand
    The “lightbulb” for each axis will turn green IF the switch is wired correctly/operating

Homing sequence follow this pattern:

  • Raise to Z first, after trigger pulls back and go for a 2nd time at a lower feed rate.
    If completed X/Y will follow same procedure, in unison.

If one axis only move in one direction, regardless of directional input => check the stepper wires for poor connection, if one wire is loose directional control is lost.


I have the inspector open and it shows Alarm in the State box. None of the buttons light up when the switches are touched. When I put the cursor over the Pause and Run circle it showed Xcontroller. I have the gShield & Arduino setup.

Alarm state is default at power-up with homing enabled. Its more a “Beware” status than an alarm.
To clear it you can type $X in the console window followed by pressing Enter

However, if the green lights for homing switches dont light up, then your wiring is incorrect.

Xcontroller or gshield doesnt matter, they are both GRBL-controllers.

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Went from alarm to idle but back to alarm state for wiring issues. Fortunately all axes are working as they should due to the rewiring and loose wire under the fan and the gshield not seated properly. Finally the Inspector shows green for all axes at some point but the Z still buzzes for the homing operation. I’m lost but still troubleshooting.

Then most likely your Z-axis dont have the reach to actually trigger the switch.

Try homing, when Z move up press trigger manually, do the Z then “pull off” and start to move up again for the 2nd time? If to press the switch again to initiate seek/feed for X/Y switch.

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I think you are hearing the Z buzz that is normal during homing. Slow travel makes the stepper motors noisy. My Z buzzes when homing or probing.
Does the Z go up to limit then down slightly back up and the down minutely then x and y should home simultaneously.

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