Cannot import PNG generated by Sketchup online

Hi, I’m new to Easel. I created a drawing in Sketchup app online and exported as PNG. When I want to open the PNG file from Easel I cannot select it as it shows like transparent or not selectable, like when a file type is not accepted.

Please help, I barely started and I’m having problems i shouldn’t have.


Good day Pablo. I am only a year into this work, so I am a newbie as well. First, make sure that the file you want to use is a true PNG format file.
Next, you want to import the image. With Easel up and a project opened, there is a small box to the middle left with a right facing arrow. That is the Import Icon. Click it and select image trace. Click Upload File. I then use Windows Explorer to drag and drop the image files in. Then click upload. After a brief pause, you should see your image. You can play with the image quality by experimenting with the options. If you don’t see your image, then your PNG file may be corrupted.

I use a file converter called convertio it is free on line. Drop it in there and convert it to an SVG

Thanks Douglas, I was using file from the menu and not the right facing arrow icon.

It works this part, now I have a whole new bunch of issues, but i guess this is the way it goes at the beginning.

Thanks Steve, yes I already tried that and the tool is great.