Cannot jog or carve with the machine

I have had the xcarve for about a week, I have been running some pieces but noticed that in far quick motions themachine skips, so like the forums suggested I tweaked the pots of the Y axis (the one that was lagging). Ran a part and it worked phenomenal. Now The motors are not moving. When I try to jog the machine they are getting pulses but not moving, any suggestions

Sometimes G-Shield pops up a little with vibration. Did you check to see it is pushed down to Arduino?
Also it wasn’t clear. How do you move your axises, are you trying with Easel or some other Gcode sender.

I am using easel, I have been messing with the gshield, I wish it fit better. I do not want to press to hard. When I toggle I feel each individual motor pulse when their direction ispressed. Its been working great other than the skip and adjusting the potentionmeter really helped

Don’t be afraid pushing hard. There is limit on it. Matter affect I put two rubber pieces to apposite corners to push down hard enough when fan installed on top. No problem since then.

Be careful! while there is a limit tohow far the gshield can be pushed down, i had an issue of the wrong pins being sent preventing me from inserting it far enough to seat without the pins hitting the case.

Check out this thread to see what I am refering to.

Alan, 100% correct thanks for all your help. Must not have had good contact…

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