Cannot offset open paths

Hi everyone,
Hoping someone can point me in the right direction please!
I use silhouette studio to do all of my designing and convert to SVG file to import however I keep getting this message when I want to set the machine to cut on the outside (pic attached)
I compound and convert paths in silhouette but it won’t pick it up in easel.
Is there something I can do within easel or another programme to get this to cut on the outside as they are cutting to small being on path.
Thanks in advance

Could you share the image? or the Easel file?

Hard to say, but I suspect your SVG convertion is lacking, giving you open paths.

In Easel, open design and zoom in on part of your path and click on it so its selected. Then click E and you should see white circles (nodes). These can be edited/removed.

If possible, share your Easel file:
File - Share - Shared with link - Copy URL and click Save. Paste URL here.

Having same issue here and cant figure out why its not working. Attached is svg file, and the original .eps file. what’s odd it certain letters like the “P” will allow me to change to outside cut w/o error, but other letters like the “U” give me an error. Can someone shed some light on what’s going on here? Thanks!Pure logo (1.1 MB)

Welcome to the forum Andrew,
I saved the EPS then opened it with CorelDraw, saved it as an SVG and opened it in Easel. Its able to cut inside, outside, on path and fill. How did you open the EPS and save it as an SVG?

I opened it with inkscape And then saved as SVG, same as I have done with other EPS files from the same website

I wasn’t able to open the EPS in InkScape, so I saved the EPS as a PDF then opened it in InkScape. Once opened in InkScape I was able to save it as a Regular SVG and was able to open in Easel.
I’m not real familiar with InkScape, how were you able to open the EPS? I couldn’t even open the EPS in Illustrator because I have 5.1.
When I looked at your SVG you had 2 layers of the logo, one on top of the other. So maybe that had something to do with it when you saved it.

interesting…im new to everything, even inkscape. I’ll look into CorelDraw if i have the issue again. thanks for your help! glad to be a part of the forum!

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