Cannot Preview Easel toolpath in Chrome

I just started up Easel, and it’s pretty basic, but I notice that the right side of the screen shows an error message that says 3D Preview isn’t available because of WebGL in Chrome. I have no idea what to do about this. Suggestions?

Running Windows 8.1 on my laptop, and Google Chrome for browser, though I suppose I can run FireFox.


Thanks, Angus, but when I go to that url site, I get the basic Google Tips & Tricks for Chrome. Nothing mentions WebGL. I can update all the drivers and Chrome. What else did you do?

Try this

When I did this on chrome flags, it took away my 3d preview. Still wont load my toolpath. Page unresponsive, a hundred times…

Im just having issues today, all of a sudden. Everything has been smoooth. But now, Im attempting to carve a high dollar piece of wood and Im really nervous, any help would be great. This is my first attempt with beta ( probably should mention ) toolpath wont load and carve freezes, unresponsive browser. HELP! thanks,.

Had the same issue. Sort of scary when you have no control. The generating paths progress bar never returns to show the job in progress, w/ it’s associated stop and pause buttons. Only way I was able to kill the job was to close the browser window, which still took what felt like minutes for the machine to finally register and turn the spindle off.

I’m going to go back and double check Chrome’s WebGL settings, but I know I have done that already since the problem started happening.