Cannot trust XPro to cut same pattern twice

I’m incredibly frustrated. If I insert an svg into Easel, it’s not only a crapshoot whether I will get the same depth, but also the same shape. Because I am new to CNC carving, I originally wrote off the problems as “user error.” Today’s result suggests otherwise. I was feeling comfortable with my abilities when I took on a little job for a neighbor in making a retirement sign for a coworker. I created a design in illustrator and then imported the svg to easel. After the initial carve (90° bit, 70"pm at .09" depth), I went back over the lettering because it didn’t cut deep enough. Out of nowhere, the spindle took an errand turn on the second pass. It traced the entire path except the spot in the photo, which wasn’t even in the tool path. Yesterday I was cutting out wooden parts on 2x4 pieces of MDF. After two successful jobs, the third went haywire. Part of the job overlapped the correctly cut parts, which obviously ruined everything. Again, I can’t get any consistency. Same material, same bit, and same file, but I’m getting different results. In the attached photos, I didn’t even move the board or adjust the spindle. I reran the process at a deeper cut and it ran off the rails without explanation. Thank god it was just cheap pine. I’ve wasted nearly all my Sunday screwing around with a $40 job that I have to cut again after I run to Home Depot to buy a new board.

FYI, I have experience in industrial machine builds and could have built a machine for less but I didn’t want to tinker on a build. I wanted something that was ready to go out of the box. I have about a month tops to get this thing running in a trustworthy manner or it’s going back in the box and up for sale. At this point I definitely regret buying it.

First the disclaimer: I’m not inventables staff…so take that into consideration when I only address part of the issue…

The workpiece lacks a parallel top to the spindle, u can see why you reran the file, because the easel make it clear that the workpiece has not been surfaced on the cnc and thus the Z zero could not be set perfectly for the entire carve, I reccomend surfacing the workpiece before any vbit carving.

I also have another video on that channel about shimming if you had already planed it flat… so check that one out too.

I also see that your project is setup for a 60v bit but your post indicates use of a 90 degree bit. Were you running the 60 after the 90, or what happened with that bit change? I’d assume that maybe this bit change is the main factor in the errand cut…

Another possibility for the errand cuts is the machine settings, can you go into machine inspector and grab the grbl settings?
And also share the project link so we can see all the carve settings your using.

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Sorry it was a typo. I was using a 60° bit

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