Can't add Inventables material

When I started using Easel I added Cherry Wood and Walnut Wood but they were both light colored. I deleted them both and I see Walnut in the dropdown under Easel and it’s dark like it should be. I don’t see Cherry in the dropdown (only Cherry plywood) so I’m trying to Add Material → Inventables and select Cherry Wood but it says “Name has already been taken”. I don’t have any custom materials added so don’t know why it’s saying that.

Any idea how to add it?

to add you will need pro, you can do try a new project after you restart your browser they just might re-appear.

Hey Mike, I did a test and it appears that once a material is added to the custom section and then deleted, that material cannot be re-added again.
It would make sense to be able to re-add material from the Inventables Library even if that meant adding a number to the end for repeat materials or giving the “name already taken” warning and provide a prompt to enter a custom name.

It sounds like something a support ticket would need generated to fix from within the Easel software rules.

I also tested that IF you enter a CUSTOM material and then delete it, that you cannot use that same exact name as before however the user COULD modify the name and still get the same results. . . Like I could make a Custom Material that is called “Cherry Wood 1” Since “Cherry Wood” was previously deleted. . . BUT the material from the Inventables library (with their custom colors) cannot have custom names, so I can see how this won’t really work for you in this instance…

I’m Moving your post into the “Easel Feature Request” topic because IMO the ability to use the Inventables materials shouldn’t be completely blocked like this.

@Ken4 I am using the Pro version

@SethCNC Thanks for moving this to Feature Requests and I’ll also submit a ticket as I can no longer use cherry as a wood type! What’s strange is I delete Walnut and Cherry Wood that I had previously added as material. Walnut shows in the dropdown under Easel but Cherry Wood doesn’t.

The reason I deleted them was on videos the walnut was dark and mine was like maple color. After deleting my walnut is now dark.

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Walnut is a default material at the very bottom of the easel section and there is a second walnut wood in the inventables materials as well, if you deleted that then that 2nd option is unusable just add cherry is…

Some of the default (the ones below the easel divider bar) materials bear more realistic color tones, but the optional materials added from the inventables directory OR custom entered materials only show as light tan, this is why the walnut you still see is dark brown. Because it’s one of the easel defaults and those defaults cannot be deleted as they are not within your toolbox…

Is that why when I select walnut it has reasonable carve speeds and Cherry Wood always says “we haven’t tested this combo” and defaults to turtle speeds? At least the Amana bits I have list the recommended speeds, but I’m not sure if the 2021 x-carve can handle those? I just got my x-carve a month ago so have been being conservative since I don’t know better…yet.

Oh, and the support person just tried my material issue with their personal account and reproduced the problem, so now it has been sent to development!

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Yep, thats exactly why… most of those default materials have “tested” (but still conservative) cut settings assigned,
but any materials added to the toolbox, whether assigned using “custom” or those from the additional inventables swlection, do not have “tested” cut settings…

So having an 2018 x-carve with the 2021 upgrades, do you think I could do the recommended values the Amana, etc. list for their bits? I have yet to find a great resource on bit settings with the upgraded x-carve.

I’ve been YouTube videos using a OneFinity and they say “don’t run these settings with an x-carve”.

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It’s best to use the conservative values you see in easel for similar bits, watch the chip size and machine chatter and adjust more agresssive if the chips are actually dust or less agressive if the machine chatters… and check belt tension and vwheel eccdntric nut adjustment if its chattering when youn think it shouldn’t be…

I dont love to advise on feeds and cut settings for others…

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