Can't carve Outside of path with Easel?

Been having this problem a lot lately. I want to set the cut on the outside. When I select all, then select Cut-Outside, it immediately goes back to Outline instead of Outside. Anyone had this problem? Can anyone select outside on the project I posted? Happening on a lot of projects lately for me.


Also if anyone would like the dxf design for their own use, I have attached it.spirals.dxf (742.8 KB)

I think I understand. Is there a way to fix that?

Nothing to fix Spence… think of it as “options” under the Outline function… you can choose onpath, outside, or inside.

ok cool! If I select Inside cut on the H, it comes up like I want! Awesome! Thanks Bob!

Thanks Ron! Makes total sense. (102.6 KB)