Can't Change My Tolerance

I’m trying to do an inlay but I can’t get it snug. Whenever I adjust my tolerances it doesn’t seem to make any change. Any suggestions? Is this a glitch? I’ve dropped it all the way to zero and still there’s a gap. Enough to wiggle the inlay.

I think that will happen if your cutting tool is cutting a larger path than its nominal size. At zero tolerance, the inlay would be exactly the same size as the pocket if your tool were exactly the nominal size. If it cuts a larger slot, then it will cut the pocket bigger and the inlay smaller, giving you a gap.

Measuring the bit will calipers isn’t accurate. You need to cut a slot in the same/similar material and measure the slot to get the effective cutting diameter.


Any suggestions on how to measure that. I don’t know that my calibers can really measure it.