Can't change the machine "dimensions"

Just hopped on easel after a few days and noticed that i cannot change the dimensions for the workspace under the machine tab. I am able to change the “wood” size on the right and any other setting, just not those two X and Y settings. I cant erase, delete, write over or any way modify the sizes under the machine tab. Is it me or something in the app? I restarted my computer with no luck.

Using Chrome as a browser. Every other field is fine just the X and Y on the machine tab.

This seems to be a bug. If you go to & choose the rail size & click Continue, it should change the work area size the next time you reload the project. (Make sure the lead screw and spindle are also correct.)

I’ll open an issue in our bug tracker and we’ll look into why the two text fields aren’t working.

i just experienced this bug as well about an hour ago.

I reconfigured my machine setup under the “Set up your Machine” tab. this resolved the issue for me

I will make the change when i get home. Thanks for the quick help guys.

@RichardKing Thanks for reporting this. We’ve fixed the issue! Work Area fix