Cant connect (Easel to Arduino)

When I attempt to connect to the machine I just get the following message and it wont do anything else, it just gets stuck.

It worked recently then it doesnt want to work anymore.

  • logged off the machine
  • test with different USB ports
  • confirmed showing within device manager

Will try the following.

Sometimes Easel leaves the serial port in an indeterminate state. Try re-booting the computer to see if that clears the problem.

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I had the similar problem and called for tech support. They had me go to ftdi’s latest driver version 24 or something. Instead of the 12 version on invebtables websote

The X-controller has the FTDI chip, but the Arduino does not.

Ended up updating Easel to 0.3.2 and setting the com port to manual when using Easel. This worked, however I dont know if this will work in the long term since It worked just fine with 0.2.7 last week. Ill test it again in 7 days.