Can't connect to X-Carve again

I finished my build and loaded the drivers and downloaded Easel local. The process went without incident and completed the test carve without incident. I have not been able to reconnect since then. I have exported G-code from Easel and sent to the X-Carve via the Universal G Code Sender. I have attempted to the best of my abilities to reflash the Arduino with no success. I am thinking I will have to take time off work as customer support and I work the same hours. Any assistance would be appreciated. Running Windows 10, and the Arduino has never shown up in the device manager, but when I connect it to the computer it shows up as usb serial port connection. It does show the X-Controller in the “printers and devices.”

I lost connection to my XC after I installed easel local on my laptop.
UGS could no longer see it, though it showed up as a com port.
I could not connect to it at all.
Uninstalling easel local cleared up the issue for UGS.
My best guess is something in my laptop is conflicting with easel local. I have yet to track it down.