Can't cut 0,5 mm slot

I have made a slot from a square which I have made 100 mm long and 0,5 mm wide - using a 0.5 mm bit. When I hit Carve I got the message “There is nothing to carve - There are no objects in your design that can be carved with your current settings”.

So how how can I make a slot with same diameter as the bit?

You cant, set width of slot = 5.1mm or set bit diameter = 4.9mm to cheat it.

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It’s 0.5 mm - not 5.0. But I can’t set it to 0.51 since Easel automatically will adjust it to 0.5. Have checked that option before and I reconed I couldn’t set the bit size either - I tried now and it works to set it to 0.49.

A work around that works - but aren’t there any “right” way to cut a slot with same size as the bit?

You can create a line and use “on path”, rather than a square. That will cut the width of the bit only.

My bad, but the issue is the same :frowning:
To my knowledge, no there is none when using a square (pocket)
Line tool may work though

Use the pen tool to make the line. It will cut at the width of the bit (0.5 mm) when you do you will notice that your line has width (you can set 100mm) but 0.0 on height, when you change your bit size it still remains 0.0 mm on height. give it a try.

Will try that.