Can't cut 1/8" hole with 1/8" bit, using Easel

Not sure if this is the right section, but here goes…

I’m trying to cut a .125" hole with a .125" bit, but Easel “highlights” it, and will not cut it.
I have to increase the size to .129" before it will cut, BUT I need the hole to be no larger than .127".
Is there a way to have it cut on a single point, regardless of the bit size?

hmmmmmmmmmm someone please correct me if i am wrong but i dont think that easel is able to plunge drill and thats the type of operation that you are thinking of easel is setup to helix down in a hole thats why it needs to be bigger than the bit size so you dont break the bit

you could always lie to easel and change the bit size to smaller and then just carve but that might break your bit

i recommend using Fusion 360 for the plunge operation

I made the design on Easel a few months ago, and adjusted the holes to .127", which worked fine all last year. I just opened the project again on Sunday (Jan 31) and .127" is not large enough for Easel, now.
.129" holes will cause a lot of redesign for the project. A slower plunge rate feature for holes can’t happen soon enough.

I had that prob when learnin about the functions if i need a .25 hole i just make it .251 and theres np it works everytime

@MichaelR_Hopp, and others, please try your test(s) again.
I just tried this today:
Easel will not allow a 0.251 hole to be milled out by a 0.25 end mill. Not cool…
Like @TMoore suggested, something with Easel has now changed.

I would try this.

  1. measure the real width of the end mill with a caliper. sometimes they can be off a bit and usually smaller.
    enter the smaller number into easel and see if it will work. I just tries to cut a .125 in dia. hole with a .120 and it would let me.

2 use a smaller bit if possible.

In the meantime, you could write your own peck drilling gcode and send it to the machine. I am guessing that x-carve does not support the normal peck drilling g-codes. But it is simple. Rapid to x,y. Change speed to plunge rate, go to z-peck depth, retract to above surface, peck deeper, etc.

Here is a good tutorial on the different types of peck drilling. Perhaps try one of these codes on an AIR cut to see if they are supported:

If one doesn’t have enough solutions, here is one more!
It can import an SVG and perform Peck Drilling Operations:

Or you can draw a circle, place it where you want to use that as well.

But anyway, I think we are all in agreement that it would be nice if Easel could do this natively.

I am still more upset that there used to be a “workaround”, but even that may not be as useful as it once was…