Can't cut a straight diagonal line

I have disassembled, reassembled, calibrated UGS, recalibrated, checked for square several times. There are new belts with appropriate tension, factory upgraded z axis kit, motors, etc. I can’t, for the life of me, get my xcarve to cut a straight diagonal line. I’ve noticed that cutting a square isn’t exactly square, off by a mm across 18" or so. The diagonal straight line drifts dramatically in the middle. Anyone else have this issue?


How are you checking for square?
The frame itself or the carved shape?
I suggest making the frame out of square as needed to get the carve to be square using compared diagonal measurements of a rectangle carve

Rails are squared, carve is off. WhenI adjust the rails to compensate to make the cut square, I still get a curve in a straight diagonal carve.

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