Can't find a topic on this. Looking for what/how people store there power supplies

Looking for ideas pics on how people store there power supplies.

Here is what I did with mine…

Also, drilled a hole in the table and put it on a shelf under the table to get it out of the way.

That’s awesome. Had a similar idea in mind. Drilling a hole trough my workbench and mounting it in a box underneath. Thanks bud.

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i just made a shelf and sat it on it

there are a couple screws screwed into the shelf to keep it from falling off

I made a small cabinet below my X-Carve to house my computer and power supply. I added two computer blower fans, one sucking air in and one blowing air out. I added a furnace filter to cover the fan the sucks air in to keep out the dust in the shop. Everything is out of the way and working nicely.

Since these pictures were taken, I’ve added a keyboard drawer that mounts under the table top. No more moving the keyboard all over the place.

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I did custom wiring on my build. The power supplies are mounted on a shelf under my CNC bench. Electronics are in a box on the wall above my Shapeoko 2. Here’s my project on Inventables.


Really cool!!